12/21/16 -

California City Manager Tom Weil today has accepted the resignation of Fire Chief Jeff Armstrong. Chief Armstrong’s resignation is effective immediately. 

Chief Armstrong’s resignation comes as the City conducts an independent review of accounting practices of the Fire Department. Preliminary internal audits found apparent concerns that merit a more detailed examination by an independent investigator. City Manager Weil authorized that review earlier this month. 

The existence of an internal review is not in itself an indication of wrongdoing. Our City has an obligation to review all complaints or concerns involving city departments in a thorough, impartial and fair manner. 

While this review is underway, the City will be limited in its ability to share detailed information related to it. When the review is concluded, however, the City will make public whatever findings it is legally permitted to release.

Following Chief Armstrong’s resignation, administrative duties will be distributed among the Fire Department’s three captains, under direction of the City Manager’s Office.