Mayor Jennifer Wood

  About Your Mayor:

Jennifer has lived in California City since 1991.  She’s a military veteran who has worked in the public and private sectors and previously owned a local business.  

Always involved in many organizations and city activities, she believes in giving back to the community.  Jennifer was elected to City Council in November 2012 and was elected Mayor in December 2014.  She is dedicated to economic development; creating a safe, clean environment in our beautiful desert community; and improving public safety.  She’s working to help create jobs and increase the variety of retail opportunities for California City residents. Jennifer is accessible to the citizens and maintains an open dialogue with residents on issues important to them.  She’s active in the Vision 360 process that includes input from the citizens, staff and Council to establish a new and success oriented vision for the future of California City. California City residents on Facebook are encouraged to join her California City Constructive Solutions page.

Mayor Wood Sits on the Following Comissions:

- Kern Council of Governments (Kern CoG) - Chair
      -- California Vanpool Authority (Alternate)
      -- San Joaquin Valley Regional Policy Council (Alternate)
 - Successor Agency to the California City Redevelopment Agency - Director
 - Kern Economic Development Corporation - Board Member
 - East Kern Economic Alliance - Chair
 - Friends of EAFB - Alternate
 - Housing Corporation
 - Public Agency Risk Sharing Authority of California (PARSAC) - Alternate
 - California City Economic Development Corporation (CCEDC)

Council Subcommittees:
 - Administration/Budget/Audit - Financial
 - Development - Planning and Community Development
 - Public Works - Engineering, Water, Sewer, Streets


From The Mayor's Desk


by Mayor Wood

Water has been on the minds of many.  Recently the Los Angeles Times published an article about a reported increase in California City’s water consumption by 28%, after the state mandated conservation measures.  While that’s a disturbing report, let’s peel back the layers of this onion to get to the bottom of what’s going on.  Many of you who are closely following the drought already know that the state is measuring how cities are meeting the mandates by using 2013 as a baseline.  June 2015 water consumption will be measured with June 2013 to determine if we are using more or less water — but more importantly if we are meeting our goals.  So what’s changed to create the appearance of increased water usage?  

In 2013, the California City Corrections Facility owned by Corrections Corporation of America (CCA) terminated their contract with the Department of Justice and transferred all of their prisoners and guard personnel in order to enter into the new contract to lease the facility to the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR).  This created a huge decrease in the demand for water to a facility that could house 2,500 inmates, the employees and their families as many moved to other locations out of our City.  CCA was the largest water customer in our city.  Flash forward to 2015, CDCR now leases the facility and as of June 30th has a prison population of 2,351 inmates and a staff of 750.  That is a huge increase in water demand over 2013.  Ahhh, now we’re beginning to understand.  But there is more.

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