Welcome to the Planning Division

We are here to provide you with information and assist with the application process regarding the use and standards for development within City limits. Staff reviews and processes requests for Development Permits, Home Occupation Permits, Sign Permits, Special Event Permits, Temporary Use Permits, Commercial Vehicle Parking Permits, and Special Use Permits. 

The Planning Division, provides professional and technical support, analysis and recommendations of land use requests to the City Council, Planning Commission, and various departments, including Agencies & Community members

The role of staff is to follow and adhere to the rules, procedures and requirements including the General Plan and Municipal Code as adopted by the City Council and mandated by State and Federal Laws. Staff's ability to interpret the Municipal Code, and its requirement to enforce the rules and regulations as written, have been established by the Council. While every effort shall be taken to provide prompt, courteous, and accurate information to the community, staff does not have the authority to change, ignore, or alter the adopted requirements of the General Plan or Municipal Code. 


For other questions related to the actual physical development of the property, such as the construction of buildings on a site (where building permits are required), street improvements, utility installation, Code Enforcement issues, and possible fiscal incentives or assistance, please refer to the Departments & Services or Links page. 


Shawn Monk
City Planner/Economic Development Administrator

Marie Stowers 
Planning Administrative Assistant

Contact Planning via email at planning@californiacity-ca.gov to make an appoinment regarding your planning needs.