California City Animal Control

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Monday - Sunday, 8:00am - 2:00pm

Animal Control Officer is available from 7am to 3pm Monday - Friday, and Saturday - Sunday on call if available

Shelter Number: 760-373-1115
Animal Control Officer - 760-373-8606

The California City Shelter is actively seeking volunteers. Download our information packet to apply!


California City Animal Control & Shelter provides the following services:

  • Impoundment and care for animals that have misplaced their owners
  • Adoption Program that places good animals into new homes. All animals that are adopted must be altered and if they are over four months of age they must have a rabies vaccination.
  • Humane trapping program to control feral dogs, cats and wildlife.
  • Dog licensing at the Police Department


Intake Information

The California City Animal Shelter staff will accept all animals, from City of California City.

Owners will be required to fill out an OWNER RELEASE FORM that states they give up ownership of the animal they are turning in and a EUTHANASIA REQUEST FORM.  The animal shelter staff works with many rescues throughout California and most of these animals do make it to adoption.

License Information

The City of California City mandates the annual licensing of dogs within the city. The licensing of dogs is critical in assisting the City's Animal Control in the prevention of rabies and other associated health problems. It also provides security for pet owners and enhances the general public health and safety.

The City of California City strictly enforces the licensing of dogs as a health assurance to the public and as a safety and identification measure for your pet. Dog owners may be subject to fines if their pet remains unlicensed. Licenses work like a Rabies certification, can have an expiration up to three (3) years.

All dogs over 4 months old and living in the City of California City over 30 days must be licensed. Owners of the pet must show documentation that their pet has received a rabies vaccination at the time of licensing. Licenses may be obtained from the Police Department Front Counter, M-F, 8AM - 4PM.

  • New License Fee:  $95.00 per year
  • Spay or Neutered: $20 or $50.00 for a three (3) year license with proof of Spay or Neuter
  • Senior rate, 62 and up: $10.00 or $25.00 for a three (3) year license



( 1) Dog(s) that bite people are put under QUARANTINE for 11 days. Quarantine can take place at the owners house OR local shelter. Dogs put under quarantine are watched for disease and/or abnormal behavior. Dogs that are under quarantine are NOT ALLOWED to be outside to go to the bathroom unless the owner has the dog on a leash. Once the dog is done using the bathroom the owner must IMMEDIATELY bring the dog back inside.

( 2) If the dog(s) escapes or is let off the property, the owner will be subjected to a fine not to exceed $500.00 or face imprisonment not to exceed 6 months. (Ordinance Code Of Kern County, Title 7, Section 7.08.100) plus the dog will be taken and quarantined at the shelter.

Animal Control Volunteer Application

Animal Control School Information Flyer