City Manager

Michele Martinez
Interim City Manager 


21000 Hacienda Blvd 
California City, Ca 93505 
Phone: 760-373-7170




Department Summary

This department implements the policies and programs adopted by the City Council and provide overall direction, coordination, and administration of the City Organization. Activities And Their Objectives:


Vision and Leadership:

• Works with the City Council and staff to develop an overall vision for the future of the community, including both services and facilities, and help provide leadership to implement that vision.
• Assist the City Council in policy development and decision making on issues requiring policy direction by identifying and analyzing the issues, providing the Council the relevant information for decision making, and implementing Council decisions well, on time, and within budget.


Financial Analysis and Budget:

• With assistance from the Finance Department, seek to ensure the continued financial health of the City by analyzing the City's recent financial history, present financial condition and current and expected economic conditions that affect the City.
• With assistance from the Finance Department, analyze available revenues and needed expenditures and provide the City Council with a recommended annual operating budget.


Operations and Communications:

• Working through Department Heads, provide direction to, coordinate, and administer the overall operations of the City, and seek to ensure the efficiency and effectiveness of those operations.
• Seek effective two-way communication and coordination with relevant individuals and organizations within City government, the overall community, the region, state, and nation.