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The City of California City enjoys the distinction of being the third largest city in California with land area that totals 203 square miles. The City is home to a vast area of ultra-terrain composites for off-road machines to search and/or traverse. The California City Police Department has created the Desert Incident Response Team to patrol these ultra-terrain areas and to deploy resources for off road incidents. Funded and operated through State Parks, by way of OHV funds (green sticker fees), and the California City OHV Permit Program, D.I.R.T. plays a public safety role for all visitors to this high desert community. The OHV Recreation Program maintains the Borax Bill Park located along the historic Twenty Mule Team Parkway.

California City has been one of the fastest growing areas for Off-Highway Vehicle families to enjoy OHV recreation. Riders throughout the state come to California City for its easy access for R.V.’s and Toy Haulers. There are hundreds of miles of dirt routes that are open for riders. These routes are ideal for all levels of experience and lead to other advance trails in the RANDS MOUNTAIN trail system. The City has opened marked “Blue” trails into California City for visitors to enjoy local establishment. Riders must stay on marked trail system when entering the main part of the City. Please read the back of your receipt for important laws and local ordinances pertaining to OHV use in California City.

Effective March 2008 all Off-Highway Vehicles MUST display a “California City – Street Operating Permit” while being operated in California City. In addition to the California City Street Operating Permit, all non-street legal vehicles MUST display a current and valid California State Green or Red Sticker (38010, 38020 CVC). This permit allows OHV’s to operate on DIRT ROUTES that are within the designated riding area. Any dual-sport or street licensed vehicle DOES NOT need an operating permit. All permits issued at this time, are valid through June 30, 2025. 

Borax Bill Substation is located at: GPS: N35* 10.278' W117* 50.247'

Phone Number: 760-349-0102

Your fees pay for infrastructure maintenance (roads, sewer, and water) and park maintenance for the OHV areas ... and keeps public safety services operating in the OHV areas.


•Police •Medical Rescue •Camping •Water •Sewer Deposit •Restrooms •Hot Showers •Fresh Water •Patio Shades •6 power and water hook ups

Camping at Borax Bill Park

Weekday Non-holiday $25 $10
Weekday Holiday $25 $15
Weekend Non-holiday $25 $15
Weekend Holiday $40 $20

Camping is available at Borax Bill Park on a first-come, first-served basis unless otherwise restricted on all major holidays. There is no fee for dry camping at Borax Bill Park




The City of California City’s OHV Program regulates and maintains all OHV amenities, including the RV Dump Station and Water Stations located within the OHV riding areas. These amenities are used for Recreational Vehicles visiting California City’s OHV riding areas. The city charges a daily use pass of $5.00 for a one-time water fill up and $5.00 for a one-time dump use. A seasonal pass of $30.00 per season per RV vehicle may be purchased for use during the current season. All use is for recreational purposes only. Commercial and residential use is prohibited.


This policy establishes procedures for use and hours of operations.


  1. Use of RV Dump Station & Water Stations are for RV Recreational Vehicles only.

  2. Commercial and Residential use is prohibited.

  3. Water cans, jugs, buckets, containers, and tanks are prohibited.

  4. Dumping of grey water and RV waste only at RV Dump Station.

  5. RV Dump station water bibs are non-potable and intended for cleaning dump hoses and possible spills.

  6. Water station fill ups of a maximum of 100 gallons per day.

  7. Please keep area free of debris.

  8. All other uses that are not listed are prohibited and subject to permit revocation.

  9. Illegal use is prohibited and subject to prosecution for utility theft to the maximum

    extent of the law.



1. Hours of operation included are for the RV Dump Station and Water Stations. Stations will only be open for use during these hours and locked after hours.

  • Monday – Wednesday - 6AM – 2PM

  • Thursday – 6AM – 6PM

  • Friday – 6AM – 7PM

  • Saturday – Sunday – 7AM – 6PM

  • Major Holidays – Open 24/7 – (Thanksgiving, New Year’s & Presidents Day)