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Individual Prices 
OHV RIDING PERMIT (PER OHV) (Valid thru June 2024)  $15.00-SEASON PASS  
OHV Permit 4-Pack (4 OHV’s – No Water/Dump)   $50.00/Season

*Pass valid for up to 100 US gallons per day. Not for commercial use. This permit is for privately owned Recreational Vehicle use only.

SMALL FAMILY PACK: (Includes 4 OHV Permits & 1 RV/DUMP PASS)
($90.00 Value)
LARGE FAMILY PACK: (Includes 8 OHV Permits & 1-RV-DUMP Pass)
($150.00 Value)
Additional permit with purchase of family pack $10.00/SEASON

* With the purchase of any family pack, you may purchase additional OHV permits for $10.00/ea at time of purchase.

Buy your OHV permits and RV passes now at the following businesses in California City!

  • Shell Gas Station - Wonder Acres Market (760)373-1212
  • Ace City Hardware - (760)373-1116
  • One Stop Market - (760)373-3279 
  • Napa Auto Parts - (760)373-4835
  • California City Police Department - (760)373-8606
  • City Hall - (760)373-8661
  • Cal City MX Park - (760)977-9774