Wastewater Treatment Plant

Mission Statement


Our mission is to protect public health and the environment for our communities by providing high-quality wastewater-treatment services in an effective, efficient, and responsive manner.


Vision Statement


It is our vision to be a recognized, responsive, creative, and flexible team involved with, and achieving excellence for our communities in a positive working environment.


Sewage Collection


The city sewage collection system consists of numerous gravity lines and lift stations. All city sewage is collected into sewage mains and delivered to the City’s sanitary facility located on Nelson Drive, in the northeast part of the City.


Wastewater Operation Division


The Wastewater Operation Division provides the following:


  • Domestic and commercial sewage collection, transportation, and treatment for the California City community
  • Maintenance of all sewage collection and transportation infrastructure
  • Monitoring and implementation of wastewater related laws


Wastewater Treatment Plant


The city owns and operates a 1 MGD wastewater treatment plant. The plant serves only the residents of the City.


Sewer infrastructure


Sewer Maintenance

The Sewer Division is responsible for the maintenance of the City's sanitary sewers system. Sanitary Sewers are cleaned regularly, and their condition is continuously monitored. This is crucial to prevent failures and backups. Maintenance activities performed comply with the City’s Sanitary Sewer Overflow Prevention (SSO) program, and all environmental regulatory agency requirements.

The City is responsible for maintaining the public sewer mainlines in the street. Per the City's Municipal Code Section 7-2.304, all private business and homeowners are responsible for the maintenance for the private building lateral, as shown in the image below.









Contact Information:

Rickard Vazquez – Sewer Collection and Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator

10835 Nelson Drive

California City, CA 93505

(760) 373-3720

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