Mayor and City Council

The City Council meets on the 2nd & 4th Tuesdays of every month, at 6:00 pm.

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Why California City?

We are the perfect location for green energy and green recycling opportunities.

Off-Road Activity brings thousands into California City annually and it is one of our great economic engines.  Local businesses welcome these guests with open arms.

Birdwatchers come from all over the country to see the wide variety of birds that reside and migrate through California City annually.  Central Park is where many flock with the hope of catching a glimpse of one of our many feathered residents and visitors.

Our Municipal Airport is home to skydiving, gliders, and airport industry businesses. There are many opportunities that are ripe for growth at our airport and Industrial Park.

Cleaning up the desert is a high priority in all high-desert communities.  In California City we are working hard to educate residents and visitors about desert ecology and to do our part to help stop the dumping of trash that has become an unsightly and unthinkable abuse of our beautiful desert. We cherish our beautiful desert community.  

Come take another look at the opportunities that abound in California City.  See how your business and industry can grow along with us. 

At 203.6 sq. miles California City is the third largest city in the State of California and offers plenty of room to grow. We have received praise on our business friendly policies and processes.  Many have commented that they have never had such a positive experience. This reputation encourages others to bring new business to our city.

To that end, we are engaged in our Economic Development efforts and have energized California City Economic Development Corporation and California City Chamber of Commerce  organizations. They too are working to bring new business and industry to the city and to support established businesses. California City is actively involved with the Greater Antelope Valley Economic Alliance (GAVEA), the Antelope Valley Board of Trade, the Kern Economic Development Corporation (KEDC), and the East Kern Economic Alliance. These Alliances and organizations are key to the community’s  success in our economic development and job creation efforts.