Mayor and City Council

The City Council meets on the 2nd & 4th Tuesdays of every month, at 6:00 pm.

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Mayor Chuck



1. Improve the City’s Tax Base, so the Special Tax can be eliminated.

2. Build up and expand the City’s Public Safety i.e. Police and Fire.

3. Bring more retail businesses into the City.

4. Improve the City’s infrastructure. Bring in Electric and Natural gas into this City. Also address Water lines and Streets.

5. Expand the City’s Waste Water Plant.

6. Improve the Tierra Del Sol golf course and reopen and improve the Par 3 golf course.


Why California city? That is a very good question. This city was born in 1965 and was dreamed to be another bedroom community such as Palm Springs. Now you have noticed that I said this city was born in 1965 and it is now 2019.

What does the city have to show Since its inception? The answer is very simple. The city has changed in size from 206 square miles to 203.6 square miles and the population has increased. This is totally unacceptable!

What exactly does this City have to offer? We have an OHV program which is popular. We have a Central Park with a pool. We have two golf courses. We have a baseball team, we have great churches, schools, a myriad of organizations, small businesses, and an airport. I think we have some of the best city employees on this planet and we definitely have some great citizens who call this city home.

So, what's wrong with the city? Here are the answers:
1) This city is lacking infrastructure i.e. better roads, better water lines, better service from SCE, better service from So-Cal gas company.
2) This city has been surviving on a special tax.
3) This city has been living in the 1980s and has never moved forward into the 21st century.
4) The lack of housing.
5) This biggest problem of all is lack of industry.

What are we doing to improve our city?
1) We are changing out water lines as fast as humanly possible.
2) We are repairing streets, but not replacing them, because asphalt costs money to the tune of approximately $1.4 million per mile. In addition, we are applying for grants for additional funding so roads can be replaced.
3) We are in constant communications with Southern California Edison to get larger electrical lines into this city to improve the service for our citizens and businesses.
4) We are in constant contact with Southern California Gas seeking to get larger high-pressure natural gas supply lines into the city to improve the services for our citizens and our businesses.
5) For the first time ever since dealing with the special tax was implemented, there has been a reduction formula placed on the special tax so as we move forward improving our tax base the special tax will be reduced and subsequently terminated.
6) We have changed attitudes so this city will no longer be stuck in the 1980s, and we are going to move forward very rapidly and very smartly into the 21st century.
7) We are in conversation with housing developers seeking to get more houses built within the core of our community.
8) We now have an industry that has come to our city, in the form of cannabis businesses. This is the first industry to come to our city, and we have set the rules down for the cannabis industry to follow. If this industry is successful, it will improve the quality of life for everybody. If you have been looking around our city you will see buildings popping up that is the cannabis industry setting up their businesses. You should know we are already starting to receive cannabis tax money, and we're on our way to improving the city's tax base. We will be able to supply more and better services for our citizens and visitors. Plus, we will be able to reduce and subsequently eliminate the special tax.

California City is also actively involved with the Greater Antelope Valley Economic Alliance (GAVA), the Antelope Valley Board of Trade, the East Kern Economic Development Corporation (KEDC) and the East Kern Economic Alliance. These alliances and organizations are key to the community’s success in our economic development and job creation efforts.

Currently we are addressing subjects that have not been addressed in our city for decades. I don’t know why these items weren’t addressed in the past. They are being addressed now. There will now be accountability for all aspects of our city. The status quo is over. We are going to move our city into the 21st century and there will be no looking back.


Charles P. McGuire  Mayor